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Intimate portrait of Marie-Jo Gobron, belgian poet and the director's mother. 20 years after the release of a film about his father's paintings, the filmmaker continues the description of the artistic universe of his parents. Born in 1916 in Flanders near the French border, Marie-Jo writes mostly in French. Aged 85, she starts an autobiographical novel about her youth, its many events, and about her daring emancipation in art and love, which she confides here.

Film available on DVD, which also includes the documentary Portrait of my father watercolourist, about the painter Roger Gobron and Marie-Jo's spouse. The DVD contains chapters menus, extras and is compatible with all regions. Duration: 95 minutes (60+35 min.), aspect ratio 16x9 (& 4x3), Dolby Digital 5.1 (& mono), English, French & Dutch subtitles. Price: 15 Euro. Worldwide delivery. Contact us to inquire about the shipping charges for your country. Contact »

Website of the poet Marie-Jo Gobron
Website of the painter Roger Gobron
About the film Portrait de mon père aquarelliste
Website Alcyon Film

Screenplay, direction & production: Jean-Noël Gobron
Interviews: Nilufar Ashtari & Jean-Noël Gobron
Photography: Jean-Noël Gobron
Sound: Nilufar Ashtari
Editing: Monique Rysselinck
Piano: Severin von Eckardstein
Sound mixing: Gérard Rousseau
Grading: Mike Joris
Postproduction assistance: Charmian Cabrera
Mixing studio & HD mastering: Studio l'Équipe

The film was finished in 2008, thanks to a postproductiion grant from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.
Link to the page of Flanders Image.


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Feature documentary, duration: 60 min.
Original version: French (small part Dutch)
Subtitles: English, Dutch, French
International version: available
Film stock: Kodak colour negative
Aspect ratio: 16 x 9 (1 :1.78)
Mastered on: HDCAM SR
Formats: HDCAM, Beta digital & SP
All other formats available on demand
Audio: Digital Surround 5.1 & Stereo, LtRt

Screenings in Istanbul
The films Portrait de ma mère poète and Portrait de mon père aquarelliste have been selected by the 12th Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival (December 2009).

Release at Flagey and Midis du Doc
In April 2, 2009 the film Portrait de ma mère poète was released in Brussels at Flagey. The film was also screened on October 15, 2009 at the Midis du Doc, by the Sabam (Belgian authors association).

Television broadcasting
The film was broadcasted on the Belgian television La Trois on August 29, 2013.


Link to the site of Cinergie where you can see an interview with the director and read an article concerning the film.

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Technical sheet
Director's bio-filmography

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